Subsea Shallow Water Joint

A-2-Sea’s Subsea Shallow Water Joint is a cost-effective, moulded joint for powered cable systems. 

A-2-Sea has 25 years’ experience in designing, supplying and installing beach joints around the world. The Subsea Shallow Water Joint was designed to meet specific customer needs, including minimising jointing equipment and tooling, high fibre count capacity, compact size and the ability to be installed under MPGU conditions. With an outstanding track record for reliability, the highly versatile system offers a simple, cost-effective solution to shallow water jointing. The joint is subjected to the same qualification regime as more expensive joints while offering 30 different cable designs and configurations. 

Deployment is quick and straightforward, and our team of highly qualified jointers can respond rapidly to requirements on a global scale.

Key features of the A-2-Sea subsea shallow water joint

  • Cost-effective, reliable joint for powered systems
  • High fibre count capacity of up to 96 fibres
  • Qualified for OALC4 SA and SL17L SA cable-to-cable joints, including hybrid OALC4 SA to SL17L SA joint installations
  • The design is versatile and adaptable and can be used to connect different cable designs (kingwire to loose tube, for example)
  • Simple, low-cost assembly tooling and cost-effective spares kit
  • Detailed step-by-step assembly instructions for specific joint technologies, providing installation engineers with all required information in a single document.


different configurations of cable designs and combinations


qualified water depth


rated up to


  • Qualified to the same qualification regime as more expensive joints
  • Can be installed or repaired under MPGU conditions
  • Versatile, with 30 different configurations of cable designs and combinations
  • A-2-Sea can quickly and easily qualify a new cable type for customer system requirements
  • A-2-Sea is agile, responsive and specialises in rapid mobilisation. All joints and tooling can be carried by hand, enabling the deployment of teams quickly and economically
  • Available from stock.


Rated: Up to 15kV 

Length: 1.62m 

Diameter: 127mm

Weight: 49kg in air

Qualified to 200m water depth

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